Cycle & Carriage Industries (Mercedes-Benz)


Cycle & Carriage Industries (Mercedes-Benz)


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8.30am - 7pm (Mon - Sat) 10am - 6pm (Sun & PHs)

Showroom 1: 301 Alexandra Road S(159968)


German luxury automobile Mercedes-Benz is extremely popular in Singapore, consistently being a top five best-seller in the Lion City. Its long-time official dealer is Cycle & Carriage, which runs the Mercedes-Benz Centre at 301 Alexandra Road. Mercedes-Benz manufactures both luxury and commercial automobiles. The company’s product line includes consumer-passenger, light commercial, and heavy commercial vehicles. Mercedes-Benz has a huge range of passenger cars on offer - it’s one manufacturer with cars in almost every segment, ranging from small cars to high-performance supercars and super-luxury offerings. Its popular offerings in Singapore include the A-Class small hatch/sedan, the CLA small four-door coupe, the C-Class midsize sedan, the E-Class large sedan, the S-Class limo, the GLA small SUV, and GLB small seven seat SUV. Its sub-brands also expand the brand’s repertoire: Mercedes-AMG for high-performance models such as the AMG GT and C 63 S. Mercedes-EQ for electric cars including the EQA, EQC, and EQE. Mercedes-Maybach for super-luxury cars like the Maybach GLS and S-Class. Find the latest news, reviews, prices, specifications, and promos for all Mercedes-Benz brand models currently on sale in Singapore.

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