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9am - 6pm (Mon - Fri) 9am - 7pm (Sat) 10am - 6pm (Sun & PHs)

Showroom 1: 33 Leng Kee Road S(159102)


Toyota's premium automobile subsidiary, Lexus, is a division of the Japanese manufacturer Toyota. Borneo Motors is Lexus’ authorised dealer in Singapore and can be located at 33 Leng Kee Road. Lexus offers sedans in a variety of sizes, including the executive sedan the IS, large sedans the ES and GS, and full-size LS limousine. It’s long been a strong player in the SUV realm, with the RX large SUV, the NX mid-sized SUV, and more recently the UX small SUV. Lexus is also particularly strong in hybrid tech : Almost all of its models have hybrid offerings which much more efficient, but also are as affordable as regular petrol-engined models. Lexus also has made/makes exciting cars including its halo supercar, the LFA, and currently produces the LC coupe, and RC coupe. Find out the latest news, reviews, prices, specifications and promos for all the Lexus currently on sale in Singapore.

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Effective 21 September 2023 - 5 October 2023
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